Thursday, 30 January 2014

In the Bag.


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We decided that the two lounger chairs that we carry in Monty needed a bag.  As Monty does not have any external storage lockers, a slight downside, this means we have to carry them inside the motorhome.  Not a good idea if they are wet or muddy.  The last thing you want is mud or wet inside.  We searched around but couldn’t find any suitably sized bags until we came across Bags4Everything on the internet.  Based in West Yorkshire they make bags and covers to your measurements for most uses – from padded LCD TV bags to aquaroll bags, steps to BBQ’s, awnings to A frames. They come in an assortment of colours, fastenings & padding.

If they don’t have something in the right size from over 100 bags in their range then you can get it made to measure at a reasonable price.

We emailed the company and after a very prompt email reply I placed an order for a made to measure cover in blue.

14 days later the cover has arrived and appear to be very well made  and to the size specified.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

First trip of 2014

17th-19th January 2014


I was itching to get away for the weekend, A because I wanted to keep the batteries topped up on Monty and B, because I wanted a rest!

A quick look on the caravan club sites late availabilty showed York Rowntree, yes another trip to the site, had one space left.  So 9am, on  the Thursday before, the booking was made.


Forecast was a wet weekend but that didn’t matter as we had season 4 of Breaking Bad to watch in readiness for season 5.  Friday night we got an Indian takeaway from the same indian restaurant we went to last time – Lal Quilla on Bishopthorpe Road. 

Saturday morning after a great nights sleep we decided to go back up to the high street and visit some of the local shops where we bought fresh croissants from the Pig N Pastry – next time we shall try their breakfast.  There was even a queue at 9am waiting to get in!  We browsed some of the other shops then retired back to Monty for breakfast and Breaking Bad.  Tea time soon came round and we opted to be naughty again and get fish & chips again from Bishopthorpe Road.  They too were delicious. Okay so the diet was on hold for the weekend!

We didn’t visit York centre but we had a very enjoyable and relaxing time.