Friday, 20 December 2013

York Rowntree CC Site

18th –20th Decemeber

18_12_2013-17_50_53-1523-Xmas in York

Our last trip away for 2013. I managed to finish work early in the week and after suprisingly finding that the York Rowntree site had a few spare pitches left we booked for a last minute getaway and an Xmas shopping trip.

19_12_2013-17_35_41-1577-Xmas in York


Our Camper couch was packed – see my last blog – along with a set of solar 50 LED Xmas lights.  We arrived at the site on a dry Wednesday afternoon. It had been raining for the last week on and off and the river was higher than normal.  In fact on the day we left it had risen even more. We were lucky and had a very large spacious pitch.

We had a walk in to town where there was a Xmas market. Along with lots of festive stalls there was also a crepe van which did fantastic sweet and savoury crepes.

18_12_2013-17_19_07-1517-Xmas in York

18_12_2013-17_33_41-1521-Xmas in York

19_12_2013-17_06_45-1544-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_07_02-1545-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_08_26-1546-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_08_42-1547-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_09_34-1548-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_11_02-1550-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_11_59-1552-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_12_50-1554-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_23_28-1563-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_31_25-1571-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_32_02-1572-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_35_50-1579-Xmas in York19_12_2013-17_38_16-1582-Xmas in York

The Rowntree site has a back pedestrian gate which leads to a nearby parade of shops, takeaways and cafe/ restaurants. We have enjoyed fish and chips from there before but on this trip we decided to get a takeaway from the Indian restaurant which was very tasty and had good sized portions.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Camper Couch Competition

2nd December 2013



Well we have had some very exciting news today. A competition that we entered at Best French Campsites has resulted in a win.



trottybrandWe have won a personalised Monty Motorhome CamperCouch from Trottybrand.

It’s a superior quality all-weather sofa manufactured using tough 600D polyester fabric with matching carry bag and a powder coated steel tube frame, it is built to support a total weight of 225kgs. Yet only weighs 5kgs. Its a logical alternative to the familiar single chair as it folds to almost the same size,  yet provides double the accommodation. 

It arrived on the 11th of December. Wow even better than our expectations. Very light yet very sturdy and well built. Looks great in Navy and with the white lettering on it ties in with Monty’s body colour.  This meant now we would have to try it out properly with a trip away – see our next blog.

19_12_2013-14_24_24-1541-CamperCouch                       19_12_2013-14_18_42-1526-CamperCouch    19_12_2013-14_19_37-1530-CamperCouch