Saturday, 5 January 2013

Durham - 4th January 2013


Durham Grange CC site

Our first trip of the New Year took us to Durham and Durham Grange CC site. Although the weather had been wet for most of the week we arrived during a dry spell and in fact this lasted till we arrived home on the Sunday.  On site there were only about 10-15 units.  The site was ideally located, just off the A1 – not much road noise, some 10-15mins drive from the centre, but even better just on the other side of the A1 to the campsite was a Park & Ride site.  You could either drive the couple of minutes and park or as we did walk, taking care on the road crossings it took only 15 mins.  Pay £2 per adult (kids go free) and you can hop on one of the regular buses (every 10mins) for the rest of the day up to 7pm.

05_01_2013-11_48_45-0563-Durham CC05_01_2013-12_14_59-0570-Durham CC

Durham is fairly compact, after looking around the shops we headed to the castle, unfortunately it was closed for an event. We also looked round Durham Cathedral, amazing and even more amazing was climbing the 325 steps to the top of the cathedral (extra cost of £5 per person) to see the view.

05_01_2013-11_49_43-0564-Durham CC                        05_01_2013-12_14_30-0569-Durham CC


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