Friday, 28 September 2012

Whitby - 28th September 2012


28-09-2012_19_30_27_0247-Whitby     29-09-2012_13_12_45_0278-Whitby

This trip we headed off to Whitby in North Yorkshire for the weekend.  We booked a pitch at Sandfield House Farm, on the Sandsend to Whitby road.

29-09-2012_19_39_11_0293-Sandfield House Farm29-09-2012_19_39_35_0294-Sandfield House Farm29-09-2012_19_37_30_0289-Sandfield House Farm

Nice site with good views over Whitby bay. Shops are about 15mins walk away and the centre about 30mins, or there is a bus stop outside the entrance.

Saturday morning we got up early and drove the 5 minutes to the Cliff top parking area so we could have breakfast with a view. After breakfast we went for a walk along the beach and round the town of Whitby.


A sail on the Endeavour (not the real one) around the bay. Not bad for £3 per person.


Then a ride on Elizabeth, Whitby’s steam powered bus.



Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rosemarkie CCC site 29.8.12

29th August 2012
Rosemarkie CCC site nr Inverness

Well after our drive from Dunnet Head to Rosemarkie via a fuel and food stop at.... yes Tesco's in Wick, we arrived to a sunny day.  A minor problem with Monty's habitation door, the strut screw came loose and the door stuck.  Thankfully the very helpful site manager had a spare allan key to keep tightening it.  This is our third time at this site, and probably one of our favourites.  Great views, dolphins at the point, and the beach in front of you.  Okay the toilet blocks are small and you may have to queue but that is the only minor niggle.

The following day we went to Cromarty

to visit Ecoventures  for a 2 hour boat trip to see dolphins and other wildlife.  we spotted 3 harbour porpoise and a dolphin and baby.

Chanonry Point Dolphins video

28th August 2012


Dunnet Head

Most northerly point on mainland UK, see wikipedia. 

Off to the right are the Orkney islands.
panorama 360 view.

John O Groat's

Eldest daughter spotted comedian Kevin Bridges while we where at the famous John o Groats signpost.

John o' Groats is popular with tourists because it is generally regarded as the most northerly settlement on the island of Great Britain, although this is not a claim made by its inhabitants and is in fact false. It is however one end of the longest distance between two inhabited points on the island of Great Britain, Land's End being the other. (The most northerly point on the island of Great Britain is nearby Dunnet Head). (Wikipedia more info)

Ducansby Head.
wikipedia info

Orkney islands in the background

Duncansby stacks

27th August Dunnet Head, Thurso


Caravan club site Dunnet Head, nr Thurso.

We arrived after a long drive through some heavy rain and strong winds. Glad we had taken the main route from Inverness. Lovely site with a great beach. Just want the wind to die down, the rain has stopped. Only here for 2 nights.  Shopped at Tesco's in Thurso for supplies. Off 2 see John O Groats and Dunnet Head, most northerly point on mainland UK. I always thought that was John O Groats!

27th August 2012

27th August 2012
Driving from Poolewe to Thurso via Inverness.  Forecast for strong winds and heavy rain, so sadly have decided to take the main route rather than the long scenic route around the north west coast.  5 minutes before we stopped and took this picture a large deer had crossed the road in front of us.
Salmon farm in the distance

Salmon farm - zoom in and see the men working.

Inverewe Gardens, Poolewe 24.8.12

24th August 2012

Inverewe Gardens CCC Site, Poolewe, Scotland.

Monty got up early for this trip, 3am to be precise for the long 8hour drive to Poolewe via Inverness.  Driving was relaxed and less stressful than when we used to have the caravan.  Monty drove well, and fuel economy was around 24mpg, with 4 on board and plenty of clothes for the changeable weather!
We stopped at Tesco's Inverness for fuel and provisions.  We found that the fridge is a bit on the small side compared to the caravans, so stocking needs to be well planned.  We even had a cool bag and kept swapping freezer blocks.

Poolewe site, known as inverewe gardens, is lovely.
With views of the loch in front and the hills behind, and Inverewe gardens off to the right.
The gardens are amazing, we went expecting to be an hour and spent 4 hours.

We didnt see the local otter or much wildlife other than herons, gulls and lots of sparrows.
We are staying for a couple of days then thinking of driving the long scenic route round to Thurso via Ullapool and Durness.

Weather - wet on the way up but not as torrential as forecast. Saturday overcast, sunday very sunny and warm. Monday forecast strong winds and heavy rain, may not do the scenic route and go via Inverness to Thurso.

Braithwaite Fold CCC 27.7.12

27th July 2012

Braithwaite Fold - Windermere

Montys next outing took us to the camping and caravanning club site at windermere.

Another site, located close to town, just a 10min walk or 15mins if you go via the lake.

 A nice site, well laid out.  Some pitches give a slight view of the lake through the trees. Plenty of rabbits on site.

doesnt apply to the birds!

Rowntree Park CC Site YORK 21.7.12

21st July 2012


York - Rowntree Park CC Site.

Our second trip for Monty took us to York and the caravan club site, Rowntree Park.

Well sited in the middle of York on the banks of the river Ouse. Short walk in to town. Pitches are small but the location makes up for that.  On this trip thought i would try and get tv reception via an external aerial that connect via the battery box. But couldn't get a signal, my meter said there was one but nothing came through on the tv!  We also found one minor problem the magnetic catch on the washroom door cupboard wasn't very magnetic, letting the contents empty on to the floor.

We only stayed one night but have decided to come back for a few nights next time.

Sheriff Hutton CCC Site 14.7.12

14th July 2012

Sheriff Hutton CCC site.

Our first trip in Monty to check that everything worked okay.

We wanted somewhere not to far away for the the first trip. This turned out more difficult than expected, most sites where full, but luckily the camping and caravanning club at Sheriff Hutton had a free pitch.

Everything worked okay, and we where amazed at how easy it was from arriving on pitch, setting up and relaxing. We wish now that we had got a motorhome 3 years ago instead of a caravan.

Collecting Monty.


Collected our first motorhome, a new Swift Escape 686, Monty, from Catterick Caravans.
Now looking forward to trips away.

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